A Testament of Hope Above Hate, Racism, and Abuse2022-06-20T20:18:31-07:00

Every minute of every hour every day, I Rise

My nephew, cousin, and I experimented with creating this video while interviewing me about my book.

The interview was candid and completely unscripted.

We are not pros by any means, but I love the end result and hope you will too.

1101, 2024

What’s In My Baggage

What’s In My Baggage

– For every tear you shed, a blessing is pouring upon you. This is the Spring season. When your hopes for strength […]

301, 2022

Chapter Two

Ed and Elaine started the adoption process through the agency and attorneys to ensure the number […]

2512, 2021

Chapter One

I heard a scream from behind a closed door. It was a painful scream, one of agony and terror – like a young child […]

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