What’s In My Baggage

– For every tear you shed, a blessing is pouring upon you. This is the Spring season. When your hopes for strength and blessings will be renewed.

– Everyone has a story, it just needs to be told. You are the character, the editor, the messenger and orator.

God… He is the author. Our names have been written in the book of life well before any thought and conception of us.

– Your pain, your suffering is not for you alone, but for the blessing of others that they too will be blessed by you and your story (testimony) .

– “You’re a mistake! You should have never been adopted!” she screamed inches from my ear.

I can feel… I can smell the hate escape from between her lips.

Through these times of chaos and conflict came comfort.
“God never makes mistakes. You are beautifully and uniquely created for His purpose.”

– The things people say about us do not dictate our character. They do not define or decide who we are.

We aren’t blessed by the things people say about us, but by the way we see ourselves.